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Our goal is to inspire intelligent use of the earth’s natural resources and empower individuals to become leaders in biosphere stewardship.

The problem
The health of our biosphere – our life support system – is decreasing due to climate change and the needs associated with a growing human population.

Our efforts are strategic
We address this global challenge by working locally with island peoples whose livelihood is most affected by sweeping ecological changes.

Our projects are collaborative
We learn from individuals about their environment while empowering them to become active advocates, practitioners, and leaders in their communities.

All of our programs contain the following four components:

  • Research – contribute to the existing body of knowledge about the biosphere;
  • Education – inspire individuals to get involved through hands-on fieldwork and community-based skills and programs;
  • Community – engage with island peoples to learn about their challenges and work together to create solutions for them to lead stewardship efforts in their community; and
  • Policy – provide baseline data, information and recommendations about conservation and sustainable development initiatives to individuals and communities.

Biosphere Foundation was founded in 1991 as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and has championed a wide range of ecological research and education projects around the world. 

Our Website

The pages of our website feature descriptions of past and current projects, videos, books and more than two decades of research data. We also invite you to support our work on this beautiful blue biosphere we call home.

Our Projects

Timeline: Journey through the last 25 years


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