Studio of the Sea



Studio of the Sea is a project of the Biosphere Foundation. Studio of the Sea is a floating movie and still image production platform, based on Biosphere Foundation’s sailing yacht Mir. Its aim is to produce short films highlighting aspects of our ocean planet. A particular focus is placed on the concurrent beauty and collapse of our coral reef ecosystems. “The Canary is Dead,” a film produced by Studio of the Sea in 2004, has been aired on Current TV, LinkTV and Xinya Television. Xinya TV is Studio of the Sea’s active partner in Asia and is currently airing many of its short films. Studio of the Sea owns a still and video image library, currently focusing on coral reefs, cetaceans, life at sea and Island cultures. If you are interested in purchasing high definition or video footage from Studio of the Sea, please contact Global Image Works, or Biosphere Foundation.

Videos and Slide Shows

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Island Cultures