Artist Orly Faya joins Biosphere Foundation onboard MIR in the Java Sea to create a work of art illustrating how we are one with our biosphere and not separate from it!

“I paint people into the world’ – merging them brush stroke at a time into the landscape. It is a healing for all involved. A practice for myself, as well as the one being painted, because there is a moment of transcendence where we disappear into the earth’s biosphere and feel one with it.” ~ Orly

“I was taken on a journey. As Orly painted the sky on my body I became the sky. Each brush stroke made my body transparent. I became the sea. My feet became the teak wooden deck of the ship. I emerged into a feeling of being one with the world. And so it was for me a new beginning; an entrance into a experience of art, science and adventure. “~ Laser

“Lucky me to be painted by Orly and feel her dance around me!  She has a gift to offer which is timely: it is healing to have the chance to merge with nature and realize we are much more than ourselves. All of us are part of a beautiful breathing evolving living system, our biosphere, that is ours to care for and to love.” ~ Gaie

Thank you Juan Qi An for your beautiful film!

Find Orly and experience this awakening at www.orlyfaya.com!