Coral Reefs – A Handbook for their Future

By Orla Doherty

Healthy Coral Reef in Bali. © Orla Doherty, Biosphere Foundation

Book description

Coral Reefs: A Handbook for their Future gives a view into this underwater world with the aim to educate each of us to become intelligent stewards of our reefs. It is a tribute to the Biosphere Foundation’s coral reef expedition that inspired its purpose; a culmination of the work of many who made it possible; as well as a gift for people living close to coral seas who wish to learn more. The book was published by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and is available online at Amazon.  

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Orla Doherty photographing the reef at Menjangan Island, NW Bali. © Abigail Alling, Biosphere Foundation