Life Under Glass: The Inside Story Of Biosphere 2

Abigail Alling, Mark Nelson and Sally Silverstone


Book description:

A laboratory for the study of global ecology. Planet in a bottle. Eden revisited. The largest self-sustaining closed ecological system ever made. Biosphere 2 is many things to many people. From its half-acre farm to its coral reef to its emerald rainforest-this unique research facility has proven itself a marvel of human engineering and a testament to the human imagination.


For two years, four men and four women lived and worked inside the structure, recycling their air, water, food, and wastes, and setting a world record for living in an isolated environment. But what has this giant glass-and-steel greenhouse been to those most intimately involved with it? What has it meant to the first crew who studied and cared for it? What was it really like sealed inside a giant laboratory for twenty-four months? In Life Under Glass, Scientific Director, Abigail Alling and crew-member, Mark Nelson, with co-captain Sally Silverstone present the full account of those two remarkable years.

From the struggles of growing their own food, to learning how to help sustain their life-giving atmosphere, the general reader is offered a rare glimpse into how a group of dedicated researchers managed to surprise the world and fulfill their dream. Other crews may come and go, but no one else will face the risks, the uncertainties, and the challenges that this new breed of explorers did on Biosphere 2’s maiden voyage. Here is the fascinating story of how it all appeared-living under glass. Selected as one of the top ten science experiments in 1993 by Time Magazine and Good Morning America.

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