This is the word ringing at the back of our minds right now.


We left Menjangan, Bali two weeks ago embedded in a deep sense of accomplishment.

A Education Program and a Community Outreach were carried out with full support of the local community, including the Bali Barat National Park.

Yearly, an event called Earth Day’s Celebration is held by the National Park, involving the school students in beach clean ups and other eco-activities. This year, though, the Biosphere’s team was invited to take part on the organization of the festival. It was a gentle acknowledgment of the local authorities in regard of the daily activities held by our Science Team over the coral reefs around Menjangan Island.


Boat trip to Menjangan Island (above) / Science program (below)

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The celebration also gave place to the launching of a new program called “Friends of Menjangan” – that will carry along the coming years education activities with schools, aiming at raising the awareness of new generations towards the conservation of coral reefs and its green surroundings.

IMGP5586 Performances of dance and music were held by the local students on the Friends of Menjangan Festival, held at the Bali Barat National Park.


LOGO COLOUR englishAlong side, the Friends of Menjangan program also held an outreach with the community of fishermen and boat drivers, who many times toss their anchors over the corals while taking tourists diving by the island.

In this concern, Laser, MIR’s Captain, did a pretty nice job going around with the boat drivers installing new moorings in the most visited areas, so the drivers can stop their boats safely without damaging the coral reefs. The boats were also given new signs with information about how to protect the coral areas.



The vessel MIR and Friends of Menjangan adopted two baby trees in the National Park area where Menjangan Resort, our host and great supporter, is located.


Gaie, Laser, Orla and the Biosphere’s Team leave their roots in this fertile soil… a commitment to foster a deep blue and green future!



By the end of the science and education programs, it was time to get our dear MIR ready to face the Java Sea back to Singapore.



This very week we depart once again for a new expedition, now in Anambas Islands… conservation, baby turtles and community outreach waiting for us.

Bon Voyage MIR!!