Weekend Camping for Balinese Teenagers 

Opportunities for environmental education for young people in NW Bali are almost non-existent. In the village of Pejarakan, a community of about 6,000 people that borders on Bali Barat National Park, there is no secondary school or high school, and many young people finish their formal education at the age of 12 or have to travel to nearby villages for middle school. The only high school option available locally is a school in a neighboring village specifically geared toward the tourism industry.  To meet the critical need for environmental education in the region, Biosphere Foundation offers programs, events and stewardship activities in collaboration with Friends of Menjangan

To date, we have served over 1,000 students and local stakeholders in these environmental awareness and hands on-service learning programs.

We currently provide overnight immersion in nature programs for local teenagers during which they learn how to snorkel on their coral reef and discover its beauty (most of them have never seen it before). They also find out about threats to the reef from boat anchor damage, plastic trash, dynamite fishing, climate change and predators, as well as the urgent need to protect it. The aim of these programs is to instill in the students a love for their local marine environment and inspire them to engage in initiatives to help preserve their reef which is one of the main tourist attractions in the region and therefore not only vitally important ecologically but also economically.

We are grateful for the generous support of Flowering Tree for this program.

For further information about these programs, please contact Sally Silverstone.