Ten Simple Things You Can Do To Protect Coral Reefs

1. Conserve water – the less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater will pollute our oceans.

2. Use only ecological or organic fertilizers in your gardens and on your lawns. Chemicals and pesticides flow into the water system, pollute the ocean, and can travel on ocean currents at great distances, doing harm to coral reefs and other sea life._MG_5904 copy

3. Plant a Tree – you will reduce runoff into the oceans. You will also contribute to reversing the global warming of our planet and the rising temperatures of our oceans.

4. Organize a beach clean-up. Plastic pollutes ocean waters and harms coral reefs and other sea life.

5. When you visit a coral reef, practice reef safe diving and snorkeling. Do not stand, touch or anchor your boat on the reef.

6. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors and tell them about coral reefs, the rainforest of the sea, and explain to them about the coral reef crisis. Ask them to get involved and make a difference too!

7. Write to your government representatives and demand they take action to protect coral reefs, stop sewage pollution of our oceans, expand marine protected areas and take steps to reverse global warming.

8. Support and volunteer for organizations like Biosphere Foundation that work to protect coral reefs, oceans, rivers, lakes or other waters in your area. Clean water is important everywhere. All watersheds affect the oceans and eventually, the coral reefs.

9. Learn more about coral reefs, their remarkable biodiversity and the special role they play as messengers for the health of our oceans and our world.

10. Build Wastewater Gardens® (ecological waste recycling systems) in your home, school or community. Every simple thing you do to help save coral reefs makes a difference!

Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation.” ~┬áNelson Mandela