This is a music video that brings together both Eastern and Western cultures, conservation, music, art, film and dance all in one piece! Musician -Christopher Dolphin- remixed a popular reggae song -Bob Marley’s ‘Jammin’- by changing the lyrics to address the global plastic pollution problem. 

The song has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia and takes place in Northwest Bali near an Island named ‘Menjangan’. Menjangan in Bahasa means ‘dear’ and coincidentally the second half of the word also has a meaning -jangan’- which ‘means ‘don’t’ and is used repeatedly in this fun and upbeat reggae remix. Filming of this music video was done by Juan Qi An, Nadia Low and Wayan Sam. The two lead acting roles were played by Morley Obeth Pekong (Fisherman) and Nuryana Komang Oco (Farmer).