Mars Girl Earth Boy

imagesMars Girl Earth Boy tells the story of the first human settlers on Mars, not all that far in our future. Among them is Marietta, the first known child to be born on another planet.  Logical, whip smart, inherently cautious, and a bit of a nerd (what else when you grow up among a bunch of scientists!), she meets her match in Ernie, a wisecracking and dare-seeking kid from New York City.

Ernie comes to Mars as part of a new expedition along with his scientist parents sent to assess where the colony remains viable. The problem is water; there’s not enough of it on the Red Planet. But Ernie’s got a plan to save the colony and make himself a hero. 

Ernie recruits Marietta into his crazy scheme to discover a lost civilization on Mars, disobeying every rule of  space travel (including sneaking “Ratty” his pet rat along for the ride). Their adventures take an unexpected turn, but in the end could their findings be exactly what is needed to save Mars Base I?  Told as a series of dueling diary entries from Marietta and Ernie, Mars Girl Earth Boymelds the compelling science of terraforming (making Mars habitable for humans) with a good old-fashioned futuristic Mars yarn. 

Click here for more information about the book and to view videos with the original ‘Biospherians’ (the first 1991-1993 Biosphere 2 crew and current Biosphere Foundation Directors).

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