Anambas Coral Reef Conservation Program, Durai Island




BF initiated a coral reef conservation program to protect Durai Island’s fringing coral reef and restore depleted fish stocks. A study was done to establish baseline information about the reef. These results were published in Atoll Research Bulletin.

Surrounding Durai is a luxuriant, biodiverse reef, but like all reefs in the region, it is threatened by destructive fishing, over-fishing, anchor damage, oil and mercury contamination from oil drilling and climate change. At the time of the study there was an infestation of crown of thorns devestating the living coral.

In July 2011, Biosphere Foundation met with the local government and joined a consortium in Jakarta to make Durai Island a Marine Protected Area (MPA).

Future work will focus on engaging the community in protecting and implementing a No-Take area within the MPA and building awareness about how this will restore depleted fisheries and sea turtle populations, bring back the health of reefs and create healthy ecosystems that are robust and better able to withstand change.

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